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Hello Citizen.
This is the DIGITAL home of Christopher Artell.I am a photographer/filmmaker/artist based in Brooklyn, NY.

contact: photos@christopherartell.com | 423.313.4355

new stuff:
2015: photo manipulations- repetition-and-color 
2014: photoset- untitled-else 2012: photoset- nonato-chicago 2012: photoset- /nyfilm/
2011- us-pipe ----------

slideshow- people/portraits photoset- greenfuture_nyc-rooftop2013 photoset- jacksonsquare_night_nola2014 photoset- nyc untitled "series" photoset- woodenfortres TN urbex 2016


superbodypop hidden feature

photoset- allhallowseve_brooklyn2013

photoset- power-cave_Georgia2013

photostuff- Viceroy-Chattanooga2014

     photo- long-island2013


questions? comments? my email is: PHOTOS@christopherartell.comĀ 
If you would like to use my work for anything I request you to ASK ME first! PLEASE!!